Spending time in “The Deep”

I am currently reading a book titled “Deep Work” by Cal Newport.

This book outlines and defines what “Deep Work” is and why we need it to build better productivity and help us to master complicated information.

I think so many of us are feeling the strain and stress of this overly distracted world. Constant bombardment of messages , notifications, likes, dislikes, world on fire BS , so much so it feels like an addiction, a sickness. This kind of constant quick hit way of living , the constant checking of social media apps, the stress of being available to answer emails , respond to comments on posts is exhausting and in the end takes a creative person away from DOING creative work, the Deep WORK.

Deep work to me starts with sitting in silence. Being uninterrupted for longer periods of time. Allowing my flow to direct me instead of the pressure of the social media machine. I have always been a person who likes to contemplate, enjoying the “me” time , just sitting and staring out my window upon my small world… I mean look at that view.


I feel a shift lately …and I am sure if I feel it, then YOU are feeling it too whether consciously or unconsciously. I know we small business owners need the relationship with social media /internet so that we may connect with a larger audience of patrons , fans, looky lous… but I wonder how we can balance the dance?

The book offers suggestions on how to block off time , to chunk the bits out so that you can clear a space for dedicated Deep Work time. I did this yesterday and honestly it felt fantastic! I was lost in an audio book and my creative process , not worrying about the internet beast.

This process felt authentic and substantial. It was a time filled with snacks for my soul.

What are your thoughts on the pull for your attention, I’d love to hear them.

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