I love trees, I love flowers, I love the innocence , strength and comfort in both nature and the natural joy inside a child.

Inspiration for my work is centered from a place of channeling the gift of dreaming, allowing myself to be free from constraint ….dancing, singing, being silly, LIVING life to the fullest for every second I am gifted, while I take residence in this human body.

The conceptual framework defining my body of work comes from two supporting frames, a subjective frame built on my personal perspective, beliefs, opinions and records of emotional outpourings. A highly evocative representation of memories and experiences. My intention to communicate is shaped by the freedom of my imagination as well as my emotional compulsion to render my life experience through visual inspiration, a poking at the human heart. Imagination in my youth saved my soul

I wish to add bold color with strong emotion and balance, elements I require for peace.
I also include a predominant structural framework using symbolic objects, lines, pencil marks, color and form to operate in a meditative journey within the conventions of a visual language by representing ideas to communicate meaning.

I use mixed media in my work, acrylic, paper, oil pastel, fabric and stitching/embroidery
My mixed media work began with a strong textile focus. Mostly structural using contemporary color and line, minimal form to produce tangible practical pieces. I have incorporated fabric, paint and stitch in subsequent years developing a mixed media almost collage approach to visual art.

Experimenting with dyed muslin fabric, image transfer, paper, and stitch. In the most recent years my focus has been on extreme texture in abstract portrait and building my practice of abstract structure.

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