Art of Christina Romeo


Original handcrafted ceramic pieces, hand built and adorned with an original Christina Romeo Illustration ♥

"Special" Hand Build Ceramic Vessel

"Special" Hand Build Ceramic Vessel


A one of a kind hand-built ceramic vessel , with an original Cromeola illustration.

This ceramic vessel is hand built with medium body clay, etched with an original illustration using sgraffito , which is etching or scratching the design into the clay , staining , glazing and then firing the piece in an electric Kiln.

Vessel measures approx 7” x 4” inches

Each handcrafted piece created to be an addition to your collection and to be loved for years.

The wonderful imperfections and quirky nature of these pieces are not meant to be PERFECT, the uniqueness is part of the plan and design.

Setting it apart from the mass produced ceramic options , this piece is unique , truly a one-of-a-kind original!

Christina Romeo©
This is an art ceramic vessel for display , and should not be used for food service.

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