Mixed Media Artist : Oregon

Open Journal

The Process of my Existence...

The blank page , staring, intimidating, hollow at times. I know in the back of my mind if I just get going , creativity will flow , but getting started is a high mountain to climb some days. The creative process changes depending on the medium, my approach to the work has such a wide range. 

When working on paper , I usually get to it with simple sketch, then application of ink , and let the process take me from there. The gut is pushing me , speaking and directing.

Some of my pieces take days and days to complete , starting with an ink outline trying to remain free with my initial approach. At times color is added when the ink applied before is wet for a wet on wet approach , but other times there is drying of first ink application then color added. Many hours of waiting for each layer to dry. I am very analytical in my approach to art. I analyze every detail. I am obsessed with balance , color and form. I observe and observe before I commit to the next application. 

The end result is achieved when my gut tells me "we are done, stick a fork in it!" Some of my finished pieces take days and days to complete!