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Are you BORED Yet?

Wow, ain't that a kick in the pants, what a concept. You mean unplug, enjoy time doing NOTHING??

Sit with me, Sit with myself, Sit with I??    Um....

Excuse me, but we are a culture of constant communication, we NEED constant validation, "like" me, look at this , did you hear, buy this..... our little ( BIG actually) cold black phones remain the front, the  source,  the distraction from what we dread most, being alone or worse, BORED!

"learn to enjoy your own company" - Andrei Tarkovsky

In our growing population of hand holders and holdees, we are getting pretty darn good at incubating a human inability to sit quietly and sit alone, this newly acquired "ability" carries us waaaay into adulthood. 

When was the last time you were BORED?

I like to enjoy my thoughts in the calm of the slow stitch....   Stitch Meditation

I actually LOVE being in solitude. I prefer my own company delighting in the time grab to ponder, or doodle, or just plain ole' sit. I like to listen to birds, watch the wind blow through the leaves on the trees, watch the ladybugs on my lavender pants, hear wind-chimes sing. No PLAN, NO PHONE, well of course if something cool happens , I need to run and grab my phone , cause if you don't share it on IG , it just never happened, right?

The pain of checking that idiotic, complicated, time sucking piece of technology is spilling emptiness , and lack of inspiration into my brain space. The constant connection is chomping huge bites out of my internal creative compass...  and It SUCKS, literally.... that phone is sucking our souls right out of us! 

And it is more frustrating, I find,  because I am a person who LOVES to be alone , I have never really had a huge need for social validation , but now i look at strange crap on FB or IG and see that Suzie Q has 12K followers of said Crap and I am like "say what!!"  ....Let the comparing games begin!! 

The  vicious cycle of comparison while sucked into the black vortex of my Iphone, and the need now to compete for social validation, "connection", is consuming the capacity i once had for boredom which takes away my internal drive for creativity and replaces it with trying to jockey for more "likes". 

Authenticity is driven away by the power to produce for the masses... - me

.hmmm what will they like, what do they hate, WHO THE HELL CARES.


Well it looks like Boredom is the new BLACK, and there are many studies on how boredom may shed light on what motivates you!

"Boredom and attention are closely related. People who score high on the Boredom Proneness Scale also tend to have difficulty with what’s called executive functioning — they have not-great attention spans, in other words. “People who, for example, have been diagnosed with ADHD report more experiences of boredom,”  - John Eastwood, a psychologist at York University

How Easily Bored Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

The art of paying attention is strengthened in our alone time or our "boredom". Your human brain will naturally start to wonder around , drift off to observe, listen, notice and ponder curiosities. Your natural childlike wonder will come out to play, you will start making deposits into your bank of creativity and inspiration soon follows.

Constant distraction leads to more distraction , less ability to concentrate and you need concentration strength to develop being present.

So, try this for new workflow,  grab every golden opportunity to be alone. Sit in nature, in the bath, relax on a porch swing, stand still in the middle of a room.. don't waste your time , wasting time anymore. 

How will you ever know YOU if you are constantly avoiding sitting with YOU?

Christina xo

Leave a comment , tell me how you enjoy BOREDOM.