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Peek into the Process!

I often get dragged down into the weeds of analytical observation, spending hours upon hours , viewing, looking, figuring things out so they make sense in my aesthetic world view.

I go on wild rides of dots, circles, lines, color. Places that resemble a map of my mind at that place in time. 

The crazy thing is , WHY? Why  am I so compelled to do this, why are WE so compelled?

My day job is a very high paced analytical decision heavy position. I lead teams of humans and make many, many decisions each day that impact hundreds of lives. I am also a single parent raising three boys, which also requires me to make many daily decisions,  so why must I torture myself and make MORE decisions in the creative process? I am sure this is why I love being in nature so much. It gives my brain time to be set free, to relax and breathe

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What are some of the things you are compelled to do? In your art journey or in life?


xo Christina